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The impacts of COVID-19 will be measured and studied for years to come. In this pivotal moment, cooperatives around the world are turning to their communities to aid in the combat of this pandemic. OCDC and the ICRG intend to collect data on this response to support decision making and help cooperatives and OCDC members adjust strategies based on stakeholder needs. COVID-19 is impacting various regions differently and this data will account for this variable as well. Further, the ICRG intends to curate and publicize ongoing activities against COVID-19, undertaken by our member organizations in the countries where they work.

The importance of this data collection lies soundly in its ability to inform course corrections and direct resources from an academic and practical standpoint. Providing guidance backed by numbers and analysis offers a platform on which policy and communications can be built.

The ICRG is seeking a qualified coder able to build and update an interactive world map to visually display the data collected and connect to the ongoing activities in each country. This map would be hosted on the OCDC WordPress website, and display data by region. We expect this map will:

• Post activities and status of cooperative impact and responses in CDP countries,
• Be usable, easily navigated, and pleasing to the eye,
• Update as new data is collected, or be easily updated,
• Display the data at a glance, as well as
• Allow users to navigate to more in-depth reports on the data

Full RFP: here

Period of performance: Work under this Scope of Work will start on May 20, 2020 and end August 31, 2020.

Submission of Proposals: one soft (electronic) copy of the complete technical and cost proposals must be delivered to OCDC’s Research Group ( by the closing date and time.

Closing/Submission Date and Time: Thursday, May 11, 2020 at 5:00 EST

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