COVID-19: Cooperatives

We have curated this information is to help coop leaders guide and communicate with their community members.  Cooperatives provide a trusted voice in their neighborhoods. This resource provides accurate and timely knowledge for that voice.

Flattening the Curve: this Washington Post article explains how this virus spreads and illustrates the need to avoid public gatherings.

Risk Communication and Community Management: a collection of technical guidance from the WHO to assist community leaders in preparing the community and communicating the risks associated with COVID-19.

Adapting the Workplace: this WHO resource provides guidance for employers to help employees continue work while minimizing risk of transmission.

Basic Q&A: WHO provided resource that can help cooperative leaders provide trusted answers to many of the common questions that cooperative members may ask regarding personal health and hygiene.

A Deeper Dive: a WHO video and course aimed at teaching the fundamental principles of emerging respiratory viruses and how to effectively respond to an outbreak. Video is less than 5 minutes. Course completion in around 3 hours.

Prepare your cooperative community! Create a community business plan involving priorities below:

  • Reduce transmission by promoting understanding of the disease with the resources above.
  • Who will call whom to share the latest information?
  • Where can people find resources to inform decisions?
  • Who should people call if they are sick?
  • Prepare resources to make calls or for continued internet communication.

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