COVID-19: Resources Page

We have curated a set of guides & guidance for coops to navigate this difficult time.

Concern for Community

This is truly a cooperative moment where cooperative principle 7 must be the focus. History has shown us that collaborative, mutually supportive communities are the ones that are most successful at sustainably recovering from large disasters.
Our COVID-19 guidance will be regularly reviewed and updated when appropriate. Please pay attention to directions specific to your country and region along with what is compiled here.

Submit a story on cooperative action or suggest additional resources:

Guidance Overview:

Cooperative Development Organizations: find resources here for CDOs who are seeking resources for implementing international projects during this pandemic.

Cooperatives: this section houses curated COVID-19 information from trusted and known sources for cooperatives and individuals.

Cooperative Action: find case studies and examples of cooperatives pivoting toward their communities and providing services to their members here. (coming soon!)

COVID-19 at a glance.

Cooperative Guidance from the ICA: read a message to all cooperatives from the International Cooperative Alliance.

Current COVID-19 Cases Worldwide: view a snapshot of the current pandemic from WHO’s dashboard.

Avoid scam sites selling hygiene products: this New York Times article discusses a recent surge in falsified vendor sites popping up during the pandemic.



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